Jun 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Parenting: the most selfless and under appreciated job on the planet but by far the most important job that ever existed. And to be a parent is such a gift!

I have had the honor of having three rockin' father's in my life. And if you've had (or haven't) had a awesome father in your life you know that just being blessed with ONE is amazing enough, let alone getting to know three of them!

To my daddy, a great father, role model and all around wonderful man.
We lost him, the world lost him, way too soon and I miss him more every day. He loved to hunt, and he had a passion for gardening/landscaping. He loved the outdoors, whether it was the mountains, the woods, or the beach. And he LOVED his family! He was stubborn and sarcastic, quiet but extremely goofy. He would do anything for anyone he loved without thinking twice. He was the hardest worker I've ever known, and he provided so much for us. He set such an example for me as to what a MAN should be, what a husband should be, and what a father should be. He wasn't perfect, but he didn't have to be. Happy Father's Day Daddy! I miss you!

To my husband, although he's not my father, he's the father to my children and let me tell you God picked me a good one and I'm ever so thankful. He's only been a father for almost 5 years now, so he's new to the gig and and doing a great job at it! He adores our children and they adore him. I've never met a more wonderful man in all my life. He has patience in leaps and bounds, and he is loving and considerate and kind. He works hard for our family and the girls are so lucky to have him in their life. I look forward to watching him grow into the kind of father i knew mine to be, the kind of father i know he will be. And that one day our girls will honor and be thankful and grateful that God blessed them with the man that they call Daddy.

And most important my Father in heaven.
The Father that sits in the sidelines and is the most under appreciated of all father's. They aren't even really in the same category other than the titles they share. My life wouldn't be the same without Him, i wouldn't EXIST without Him. Talk about love, he IS love. Talk about sacrifice, he defines the word! I had an amazing father, my daughters have an amazing father, but HE is the most amazing of them all!

Happy Father's Day!

Jun 1, 2010

Bye bye pre-school, hello kindergarten!

A couple weeks ago Rebekah finished up pre-school. Such a milestone. Her school (which is also our church) had a kindergarten graduation for the kindergarten class and the other pre-school classes put on performances for the parents. It was adorable! It was an emotional evening for me, but I held it together for the most part. :) I teared up when they put on a video showing pics of all the kids, OF COURSE. Video's always get me. Add in a few pictures of my children and you'll just have to mop me off the floor! Then i cried when the kindergarten class came out in their little caps and gowns to the graduation march. I didn't even know any of those kids! LOL. So let me tell you, I'm in trouble if they do something like that for Rebekah's class next year. BIG. TROUBLE.

Here are a few pics of our evening, starting with a picture of Rebekah and Madelyn before we left for her program. I don't have enough pictures of them. ;) Sorry.

Here they come!

I see her back there...

Fingers in her mouth-typical!

Hey baby! I love that smiling face *melting*

Going on stage for their performance.

I wish I had a better view! Luckily Daddy was standing in the back, center, video-ing it. Can you see her waving at me from the stage (tear) my baby..

Last time playing with all her school friends!

Goodbye pre-school, and hello kindergarten!
The adventure starts!


Friends are hard to make when you're an adult. Can i get an amen?!
Especially when you move across country. Hehem, sound familiar?! It takes a little time. Adults are jaded and judgemental. We put up walls. You have to warm up to each other, you have find that common bond. But when you're a kid, it's easy as pie! I love how kids are so innocent and trusting and it just flows out of them and they can't even pretend to be anything but. They don't hold back, they jump in with everything they have, both feet first and just...love.

I watched in amazement this weekend while Rebekah met two little girls next door, one who is 4 (almost 5) as well and who coincidentally shares the same name as her, different spelling. You should have heard her squeal of excitement as she proclaimed "MOMMY! HER NAME IS REBECCA TOO!" It was very cute. They immediately started playing and any chance they had all weekend long they were out back, having a blast. Holding hands, hugging, and seemingly already the best of friends. They even colored Rebekah pictures that night and left them on the door for her to get the following morning. So sweet. Made my heart happy.

Plant killer--update

Yea, so remember my post on growing a pepper and tomato plant? Yea...
Well, as predicted, those poor little plants did not survive. Not a single one of them!
(marigold's included)

It's official, i'm a murderer!

But to my defense we were moving right after we got them and in all the madness of packing, cleaning, painting, they didn't get re-potted and instead got neglected in their little containers on the front porch with only sunlight and very, very little water to survive off of.

So sad.

BUT..Rebekah brought home a little Marigold plant from school a month or so ago and I AM happy to report that it has stayed alive. We re-potted it and it's on the back porch enjoying the sunshine and LOTS of water. Hip hip hooray!

Don't judge me...
You know you've killed a plant or two in your lifetime!
Haven't you?