Sep 14, 2010


It's here.
Oh my!
And like every other single milestone in my children's life, it's come all too quickly.

I don't even know why I'm surprised anymore. My mom warned me this would happen. But I guess you just don't really accept it until it happens to you. And then you become one of 'those' parents warning other parents to "cherish the times you have because they go so fast". Ugh.

She's been so excited. I've even really been excited too! I got emotional at her open house, but I was able to control myself thank goodness. And I was certain that this morning it would be MUCH worse. But really the anticipation was much worse than the actuality. Probably mainly because I had a friend there to keep my mind off of it. If she wasn't there I KNOW i for sure would have been a mess.

My little girl is now a big girl!
My big Kindergartener. :(
I can't wait to hear about her first day!

with her buddy Rachel outside their classroom

tired of posing for pictures?

Happy first day of school!!