Nov 14, 2008

I just want to brag, i'm entitled!

I am the luckiest girl in the whole entire world. I have the most BEAUTIFUL babies!!! Maybe i'm biased, aren't we all? But really, no, they are the two most beautiful girls in the entire world. I never stop thanking God for giving me these precious little girls. (No, not even when I do try to sell them to the lowest bidder on ebay!) haha. Here's a few pictures of my oldest beauty. Maddie's a bit under the weather so i'll take some photos of her soon!

She's so photogenic! (of course when she wants to be) Ahh, makes a mama proud! Rebekah...what is there to say about her that I haven't said a million times. She truly is the sweetest little girl, don't let the horns she pulls out upon occasion (though usually only in my presence) fool you! She's so full of life and love and personality. She keeps me smiling and laughing all day long. She's the smartest little girl, sassy too. I call her my little 13 year old in a 3 year olds body. Boy are we in trouble!!! But she is the best, i thank my lucky stars to get to call myself her mama. I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!!!

Nov 6, 2008

In the blink of an eye...

My sweet Madelyn,

Today is your first birthday, and it's so bittersweet. You're my baby, it seems so surreal, so UNREAL, that we are already went so fast! But it always does. I swear it feels like just yesterday they laid you in my arms. This soft little angel, so tiny and pink and perfect...and now you're one! I close my eyes and I'm there again, in that hospital room, looking down at the miracle I just brought into the world and I'm praying that I can hold you tightly enough that you will stay this close , in my arms, forever, even when I know that it's not going to come true. I know it's generic and cheesy, but it's true. You have brought SO MUCH joy to our lives and you fill my heart with such happiness. Not a day goes by that I do not thank God for giving us you. You're such a sweet girl, always giggling, smiling and showering us with your kisses and love. This world, my world, is truly a happier place because you're in it. And even though it's sad for me to watch you grow just know that I am so proud of you, always your number one fan. And I can't wait to see the little person you will soon become.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY GIRL!!! We love you so much...

Nov 1, 2008

Farewell Halloween....

This will be my last blog on halloween this year I PROMISE! We had a good night last night carving the pumpkin, baking cookies and handing out halloween candy. Bekah didn't even realize she should be out trick-or-treating with the other kids, thank God. Everytime someone knocked on the door she would say "YAY!" and run to hand out the candy. So it was a successful night, and we didn't even have to take their crank butts out in the cold. : ) Here are a few more pictures from our events.

Didn't our punkin turn out CUTE?? Rebekah's design inspiration, my artwork and daddy's dremel tool got it done! haha

Rebekah would NOT put her hand inside the pumpkin, go figure. I love the girl to death but she is our little scardy cat, that's for sure. Madelyn, on the other hand, dove right in! She makes me laugh, what a champ!

Oops! Those all loaded backwards, but you get the gist, she loved it!!

I hope everyone else had a Happy Halloween and up next, Thanksgiving! YAY! Turkey ::drools::