Nov 1, 2008

Farewell Halloween....

This will be my last blog on halloween this year I PROMISE! We had a good night last night carving the pumpkin, baking cookies and handing out halloween candy. Bekah didn't even realize she should be out trick-or-treating with the other kids, thank God. Everytime someone knocked on the door she would say "YAY!" and run to hand out the candy. So it was a successful night, and we didn't even have to take their crank butts out in the cold. : ) Here are a few more pictures from our events.

Didn't our punkin turn out CUTE?? Rebekah's design inspiration, my artwork and daddy's dremel tool got it done! haha

Rebekah would NOT put her hand inside the pumpkin, go figure. I love the girl to death but she is our little scardy cat, that's for sure. Madelyn, on the other hand, dove right in! She makes me laugh, what a champ!

Oops! Those all loaded backwards, but you get the gist, she loved it!!

I hope everyone else had a Happy Halloween and up next, Thanksgiving! YAY! Turkey ::drools::