Sep 15, 2008

nothing to blog about

Life at the Beaty residence is pretty quiet, as usual. I guess that's a good thing though. Russel got called out last minute for some job training so he left this morning to go to California for the week. He will be there till Saturday, some work training near LA. Poor baby! : ( So I figured I'd write and let everyone know what's been going on. Which of course is, you guessed it, absolutely....NOTHING! just a lot of hanging out at home for me and the girls and a new found love of the local library. I'm getting back in touch with my inner nerd, and I've already read 3 books this week alone! Bekah loves it too, she has so much fun there. She loves to read, just like me. But aside from that nothing else is happening in Oregon. The weather was cooling off for a bit, but it's gotten warm again. Leaves are starting to change their colors, so that should be really pretty. I'm excited for next month. We are having family pictures taken and my mom is coming to visit the last week of the month. And of course Halloween. That's always fun. As for recent updates on the girls: Maddie is cutting a molar-FUN! and she's learned how to wave and is practicing her walking skills. I'm sure she'll be walking on her own before she turns 1! Rebekah is still just a normal 3 year old, getting smarter by the day. She's been speaking a lot of spanish, thanks to Dora. She says "gracias" and she can almost count all the way to 10! See, who says t.v. is all bad? lol.

I took these really cute videos of the girls I thought i'd share with you all. Enjoy and until next time!

Jesus Loves Me! by Rebekah
(please excuse our messy garage, we've been cleaning, and the fact that my child is in her panties. but this video was too cute not to share)

Maddie learned something new:

Sep 2, 2008

Oregon State Fair

The Fair. One of America's favorite past times. We didn't go to the fair ever (that I recall) growing up, and I think i might have figured out why. IT'S EXPENSIVE! Just downright ridiculous. Thank God the girls got in free, but it was $20 for admission alone. Russel was supposed to get in for free, some military appreciation thing, but that was only on Friday and Saturday and when did we go? Sunday! But that's besides the point. I am also thankful that our girls are still little and we didn't have to shell out $40 just for tickets for all those rides!!! I know our time is coming though....we better start saving up now!

We had a good time! Spent a couple of hours just walking around looking at all the booths, arts and crafts, petting zoo and...eating fattening fair food. I wanted a corn dog, but i didn't get a corn dog. You get there and you're overwhelmed by all these food choices and all of a sudden I forgot I wanted that, ended up with a burger instead. It was good though. Very greasy. Again, i digress.

Here are a few pics from our day. And until next blog...

The Beaver. Oregon State mascot? I don't know. Either way, the girls were not too fond. Check out their faces!! lol

Big turtles, the only amphibian she would touch. She would not go near the lizards and snakes!

The deer in the petting zoo tried to eat her shirt, so we were done with that all too quickly

Poor never stood a chance! (it is still kicking around, just deflated)

just catching up

There I go again, another month without a post. I'll get better at this soon-I HOPE!
Nothing really exciting has happened over here on the west coast. We are all here just doing our thing. The girls are being girls, Russel's working and I'm doing my stay at home Mommy thing. Summer seems to be winding down, it's been a little bit cooler outside, and we're seeing spattering of rain here and there. [sad face] So I guess we should start to get ready for the fall! Anyways, quite a post, huh? lol. But anyways, here are a few cute pictures that I figured I'd share with you. And hopefully next "post" i'll have something better to talk about!

dress up time!!

maddie didn't like it, heehee

Bekah went on a date to the movies with her daddy