Sep 2, 2008

just catching up

There I go again, another month without a post. I'll get better at this soon-I HOPE!
Nothing really exciting has happened over here on the west coast. We are all here just doing our thing. The girls are being girls, Russel's working and I'm doing my stay at home Mommy thing. Summer seems to be winding down, it's been a little bit cooler outside, and we're seeing spattering of rain here and there. [sad face] So I guess we should start to get ready for the fall! Anyways, quite a post, huh? lol. But anyways, here are a few cute pictures that I figured I'd share with you. And hopefully next "post" i'll have something better to talk about!

dress up time!!

maddie didn't like it, heehee

Bekah went on a date to the movies with her daddy