Aug 27, 2009

It's just one of those days..

Today I'm having one of those days.
Heck, who am I kidding? I have "one of those days" almost everyday.
I am tired. My patience is wearing thin to practically non-existant and I just feel like sleeping it all away.
The kids aren't being particularly bad, they are just being themselves, but some days I just can't muster the energy to match up with them. I keep thinking that one day I will, but no, they are constantly running circles around me and I'm left standing there, frustrated and extremely overwhelmed, ready to run into the bedroom and hide until Russel gets home. Except the kids would find me, they always do. Which reminds me, I need to find a better hiding place.

And today he's working late, which really makes it "one of those days".

The girls woke up with the roosters, no exaggeration. But that's no different than every single other day of the week. Bekah starts begging for breakfast at 6am! For those of you who don't know, I am NOT a morning person. No way, no me and her are gonna fight one day if she doesn't learn to stay out of my bubble for a little while. Ask my mom, me and's just not pretty. I need peace and quiet to ease into the day and with kids, HAHA, yeah i know. That's funny Kristen. Then nap time, that was another joke. Bekah probably didn't even sleep and Maddie was up within an hour. WHY, WHY, WHY, WHY, WHY????!!!! ((cries)) Sanity, where are you??? Please come baaackkk!

I clean everyday, but then the kids run through like Tasmanian devils and mess it up again within minutes. Is that normal? Oh well, I'm tired of that. I swept the back deck of all the sand yesterday during nap and looking outside right now you could never tell. I'm tired of dishes and laundry and toys which seem to multiply. I think they procreate daily and make lots of little dishes and laundry and toy babies that keep procreating with each other and it never ends!! And I'm also tired of cooking 3 meals a day, can I hire a chef? And being stuck in the house and not knowing anyone...Ok, now this post is turning into one big pity party. SORRY! Back on track.

I took Rebekah out front for a few pictures. Seems I've been photographing Madelyn more lately and that's just not acceptable now is it? Here are the pics, she's getting so big :( And on a last note, we fly back home to GA for the month this upcoming Wednesday, so rest assured this blog will be neglected until we get home. Hang in there, I'll have some posts for you before you know it!!

Blowing dandelions (spelling?) in the front yard. "I made a wish mommy!"

Just being pretty

Do these pics look wierd or is it just my monitor on the fritz???
Oh well.
I hope they don't look wierd.
Last two, I love her! And until next time!

Aug 20, 2009

Blah blah blah boring

OK, Ok, ok, ok, ok...
I am waaaay behind, i know. I'm sorry. UPDATE!
Really nothing exciting has been happening, which in turn is why I have not blogged. But I guess you don't really care to read my chatter, you only really want to see pictures of my offspring, right? I KNEW IT!

We are all doing good, same old every day routine of NOTHING.
Russel works, I stay home, the kids run around the house and drive me crazy, need i elaborate? The girls are great, no new milestones or happenings there either. Rebekah actually had a dentist appointment last week. YAY! HOW EXCITING!!! I know, lol. Look, I told you our lives are boring. This was not her first visit, but her second. Her first was a few months ago when she was running in the living room and ran into the window sill with her mouth, no good. Thank GOD the tooth did not fall out. It bruised, turned brown and then went back to normal! Upon this visit the dentist says this never happens so YAY! Thank you Jesus she can have pretty teeth. Is that shallow?! But anyways, here are some pics of her visit, and she did great! She's so big : (

Maddie kept saying "My turn! My turn!" so she got to go for a ride in the chair. She was pretty impressed. Let's see how impressed she is in about 6 months to a year when it's HER turn to get them toofies cleaned! haha

We also went to the zoo a couple weekends ago and I'll post pictures of that tomorrow if i can remember, Russel just got home with my dinner and i'm hungry!!