Jun 1, 2010

Bye bye pre-school, hello kindergarten!

A couple weeks ago Rebekah finished up pre-school. Such a milestone. Her school (which is also our church) had a kindergarten graduation for the kindergarten class and the other pre-school classes put on performances for the parents. It was adorable! It was an emotional evening for me, but I held it together for the most part. :) I teared up when they put on a video showing pics of all the kids, OF COURSE. Video's always get me. Add in a few pictures of my children and you'll just have to mop me off the floor! Then i cried when the kindergarten class came out in their little caps and gowns to the graduation march. I didn't even know any of those kids! LOL. So let me tell you, I'm in trouble if they do something like that for Rebekah's class next year. BIG. TROUBLE.

Here are a few pics of our evening, starting with a picture of Rebekah and Madelyn before we left for her program. I don't have enough pictures of them. ;) Sorry.

Here they come!

I see her back there...

Fingers in her mouth-typical!

Hey baby! I love that smiling face *melting*

Going on stage for their performance.

I wish I had a better view! Luckily Daddy was standing in the back, center, video-ing it. Can you see her waving at me from the stage (tear) my baby..

Last time playing with all her school friends!

Goodbye pre-school, and hello kindergarten!
The adventure starts!