Jun 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Parenting: the most selfless and under appreciated job on the planet but by far the most important job that ever existed. And to be a parent is such a gift!

I have had the honor of having three rockin' father's in my life. And if you've had (or haven't) had a awesome father in your life you know that just being blessed with ONE is amazing enough, let alone getting to know three of them!

To my daddy, a great father, role model and all around wonderful man.
We lost him, the world lost him, way too soon and I miss him more every day. He loved to hunt, and he had a passion for gardening/landscaping. He loved the outdoors, whether it was the mountains, the woods, or the beach. And he LOVED his family! He was stubborn and sarcastic, quiet but extremely goofy. He would do anything for anyone he loved without thinking twice. He was the hardest worker I've ever known, and he provided so much for us. He set such an example for me as to what a MAN should be, what a husband should be, and what a father should be. He wasn't perfect, but he didn't have to be. Happy Father's Day Daddy! I miss you!

To my husband, although he's not my father, he's the father to my children and let me tell you God picked me a good one and I'm ever so thankful. He's only been a father for almost 5 years now, so he's new to the gig and and doing a great job at it! He adores our children and they adore him. I've never met a more wonderful man in all my life. He has patience in leaps and bounds, and he is loving and considerate and kind. He works hard for our family and the girls are so lucky to have him in their life. I look forward to watching him grow into the kind of father i knew mine to be, the kind of father i know he will be. And that one day our girls will honor and be thankful and grateful that God blessed them with the man that they call Daddy.

And most important my Father in heaven.
The Father that sits in the sidelines and is the most under appreciated of all father's. They aren't even really in the same category other than the titles they share. My life wouldn't be the same without Him, i wouldn't EXIST without Him. Talk about love, he IS love. Talk about sacrifice, he defines the word! I had an amazing father, my daughters have an amazing father, but HE is the most amazing of them all!

Happy Father's Day!