Jun 1, 2010


Friends are hard to make when you're an adult. Can i get an amen?!
Especially when you move across country. Hehem, sound familiar?! It takes a little time. Adults are jaded and judgemental. We put up walls. You have to warm up to each other, you have find that common bond. But when you're a kid, it's easy as pie! I love how kids are so innocent and trusting and it just flows out of them and they can't even pretend to be anything but. They don't hold back, they jump in with everything they have, both feet first and just...love.

I watched in amazement this weekend while Rebekah met two little girls next door, one who is 4 (almost 5) as well and who coincidentally shares the same name as her, different spelling. You should have heard her squeal of excitement as she proclaimed "MOMMY! HER NAME IS REBECCA TOO!" It was very cute. They immediately started playing and any chance they had all weekend long they were out back, having a blast. Holding hands, hugging, and seemingly already the best of friends. They even colored Rebekah pictures that night and left them on the door for her to get the following morning. So sweet. Made my heart happy.