Jun 1, 2010

Plant killer--update

Yea, so remember my post on growing a pepper and tomato plant? Yea...
Well, as predicted, those poor little plants did not survive. Not a single one of them!
(marigold's included)

It's official, i'm a murderer!

But to my defense we were moving right after we got them and in all the madness of packing, cleaning, painting, they didn't get re-potted and instead got neglected in their little containers on the front porch with only sunlight and very, very little water to survive off of.

So sad.

BUT..Rebekah brought home a little Marigold plant from school a month or so ago and I AM happy to report that it has stayed alive. We re-potted it and it's on the back porch enjoying the sunshine and LOTS of water. Hip hip hooray!

Don't judge me...
You know you've killed a plant or two in your lifetime!
Haven't you?