Mar 15, 2011

Surviving without Facebook

This is Me.
Well, not literally me, obviously. But the cartoon version of me. If i had to sum it up in a picture, this ones best suited. Thanks Google!

I am surviving. It's really not as hard as I thought it would be, honestly. BUT I'd also be completely lying if I said it didn't suck. I feel very out of touch with my friends and adult interaction is totally lacking in my life right now big time. But...I'm surviving. It'll have been one week tomorrow, only...5 weeks to go. CRAP! Who knew I could live without facebook!

On a happier note, spring is creeping in. I photographed these beauties on the tree in our front yard yesterday morning.

Spring makes me happy. Im dying to get out there and see what else I can find but the weather is still so cruddy! We had one pretty day on Friday, Russel washed his car and the girls rode their bikes and played outside for an hour or so, that was nice.

I'm ready for sunshine and warm weather. Parks and picnics. Walks around the lake and outside exercise. COME ON SPRING TIME!!!