Mar 27, 2011

Blah, blah blah

I feel like I should blog since I haven't facebook'd in almost 4 weeks. I feel like I'm in isolation or something, lol. I'm going stir crazy. That combined with the fact that spring break has pretty much sucked for us. We all got sick at some point. Bekah and I were hit with a yucky puke bug. That sucker knocked me out for almost a week, thank God it didn't hit her that hard. Then Russel made a little visit to the ER where he found out he has gallstones and pancreatitis, due to some kind of infection. ??? ugh. He meets with his doctor tomorrow for follow up and to find out whether or not he will need to have surgery. Good part of all of that is he's had almost the entire spring break off with us, at home, chilling. Then Bekah's allergies started acting up, or at least i think it was her allergies since she had no other symptoms of a cold. But now Maddie woke up last night with a barky cough out of nowhere so I don't know what on earth that is. And of course the weather still sucks, with a capital S. I am so ready for sunshine and warm weather it's not even funny. I know, I're sick of hearing about it. I'm sick of talking about it. So enough of my griping I guess and onto less depressing topics.

The cherry blossoms are blooming! We had a break in the rain yesterday so we went up to the capital to walk around. It was so cold, so that didn't last very long, but I snapped a few pictures. As usual Maddie didn't care to stop and smile at the camera for me, but Bekah knows what her mama likes.

Ok, yea, that's it. We really have done absolutely NOTHING so I don't even have any pictures to share. Let's hope this blog perks up a lot and soon!