Nov 8, 2010


It's official, you're 3!
But according to you, you're most definately 6. That's what you say every time someone asks! = ) And I'll give you one thing, you may not technically be 6 yet but you sure do act as though you are, so you're half right. Oy vey. Bless my little heart.
You are years ahead of your time in so many ways, brains and behavior. You definately keep me on my toes.
Ironically enough you were my easiest birth, and my easiest baby, but my hardest toddler.
Regardless, you are downright amazing.
You are smart.
You are wonderful.
You are beautiful.
And you are the littlest love of my life indeed.
I had no idea what God had in store for us when he blessed us with you, but you have been nothing short of a blessing.
I look forward to watching you learn and grow into the little girl you are so boldly becoming.

I love you baby girl! <3