Dec 5, 2009

Getting in the Christmas spirit

Getting in the christmas spirit has been really hard for me this year. Truth be told it's been hard the last 5 years, ever since my dad passed away, but it's been really hard this year, being so far away from home. I miss my family! Christmas was always a really big deal. All the holidays were special, but Christmas just brings back lots and lots of good memories. It was also my dad's favorite holiday and I can't help but think a lot about him this time of year, and it's leaving me very nostalgic and sad. I'm working on moving past it because you know, it is what it is. We are in Oregon until we can move closer so you gotta make the best of your situation. I am very thankful for all the blessings God has given us this past year and a half, and Oregon is the main one. Even though I talk so much smack about it. haha And my kids deserve to have a wonderful Christmas, and I want that so badly for them. I want them to have the good memories, like I do.

Today we went to get our Christmas tree. We didn't cut it down this year, it is FREEZING cold out. Thankfully not raining like last year! So we found some that were pre-cut and just as pretty, less work that way. lol. We put it up this afternoon and Rebekah had a lot of fun decorating it! Maddie just kinda stood and watched and handed Bekah all the ornaments and in typical Maddie style, refused to look at the camera for any pictures. That child is so frustrating! Good thing I love her so much :) And now I just pray that I can leave the tree alone and ignore the ocd voices in my head that are screaming, THERE ARE TOO MANY ORNAMENTS IN ONE PLACE--MOVE THEM! I do still have some more ornaments to add to the tree (glass and breakable ones) but i'll do that closer to christmas. I'm already over telling them (cat included) to get away from the stinking tree! I know, what a scrouge. Bahumbug! LOL jj

Ignore the fact that my dining room was never painted. Ugh! I had every intention of taking the living room color and carrying it through into the room but ran out of paint. I'll get around to it...eventually.