Nov 29, 2009

So i'm a little behind (again)

Yeah, I know. I am behind on blogging. I have no excuse I guess. I'M SORRY!
But here I am and I am going to try and catch up, so this post might be extra long.

Halloween. We did the customary carving pumpkins with the girls before Halloween, which they didn't care all too much about, to be honest. Daddy even carved a Cinderella pumpkin, what a nice daddy! They just like to watch, they don't like to do the dirty part. I don't either. I just took pictures. LOL

Oops! Knife broke. We've had those knives since we got married (almost 9 years) haha

Bekah thought it was stinky!

And...the finished product! Good job Daddy!

The girls had a blast this year. It was their first time going out!I actually had a blast this year! I haven't been trick-or-treating since I was a kid so experiencing it again through their eyes was great. Rebekah wanted to be a princess, again. So we threw together a last minute princess costume with an outfit she had. Yeah, so, I'm cheap! Madelyn was a ladybug-AGAIN. Borrowed the costume from a friend. Hey, it works. We'll try and be a little more "creative" next year and maybe even Russel and I will dress up. Don't hold me to it! :)

Maddie celebrated her 2nd Birthday on November 6th. i can't believe she's two already!! We had a small birthday party for her at home with a couple of their friends from church. She had a good time, even though in the first picture you see a tear. That's because she wanted to go outside and we wouldn't let her! It's hard being two.

My maddie, so serious.

And that's about it. I have tons more pictures I've taken but I'll save some for another post. Can you believe Christmas is already right around the corner??? I can't! Hopefully I'll remember to blog again soon. Don't worry, my mom will remind me!