Apr 22, 2009

Beauty in the every day

I don't know why but lately I'm fascinated with photographing the dandelions in our front yard. They are so beautiful to me. It's amazing how God can even make weeds pretty. He's just awesome like that. Afterall, there is nothing special about weeds. They are plain and annoying and frankly serve no purpose but to litter our yard with more weeds, but that's ok. To God they are his creation and they are beautiful, such a powerful lesson. And I just like photographing them, trying to see the beauty that God sees.

Lately I'm all about finding the beauty in the ordinary. It's easy photographing my children. Their beauty pours out of them constantly. But lately my eye has wandered out my front door and it's like I'm seeing things differently. Beauty is all around us if you look hard enough, even in the plain. Especially this time of year. We just overlook it most of the time. We all do. And it reminds me that God is faithful and God is good and I don't know about you but I tend to need that reminder from time to time. Here is a little bit more of God's amazing work, and I pray that you will walk outside also and open your eyes to this amazing world that God has created and thank him for the small things that we take for granted. (Some of these you might have already seen on my blog previously, sorry for the repeats!)

Poor little pine cone, leftover from a HAPPILY forgotten fall, but I just love this picture. It's so...rustic.