Apr 23, 2009

Fun in the Sun, sprinkler style

I took this picture of our bush that's outside of our front window yesterday morning...

And I snapped a picture of the tree in our front yard blooming, it's like you can almost see the leaves coming out of hiding...

All this nature is miraculous to me! You'd think I'd never witnessed it before in my 28 years. Or maybe it's just the fact that I've been hibernating in my house for 5 long and gloomy months covered in rain, sleet or snow. Even though all the above is true, I, however, think my eye is just changing. It's wierd how that happens. As I get older I see things differently, and when I'm behind my camera I see a lot more beauty than I ever would have without it. Maybe that doesn't make sense to you? It does to me. But now sadly I am running out of things to photograph in our yard! (Thank God you say?) How rude! Russel even bought some weed killer yesterday and sprayed it all over my beloved dandelions last night, RIP beautiful little weeds! = (

Rest assured I will find more nature to photograph SOMEWHERE but until then I will just leave you with pictures of the two most perfect and beautiful subjects of all, and that would be, you guess it, my baby girls!! We've had such beautiful weather and the other day it was so warm I broke out the sprinkler. They weren't huge fans of it, Madelyn mostly as you'll see. But we managed to have some fun anyways. My kids are pansies, and hey, I can say that because I am their mom! Sometimes the truth hurts..

Madelyn before the sprinkler..

and can i just say WHY can her chubby little butt and legs look so cute..it's just not fair!

And Madelyn after the sprinkler, which is apparently the new form of water torture just incase you were wondering. ((rolls eyes))

Daddy rescued her (because Mommy refuses to put down her camera)"Mother of the Year goes to...."

And even though Rebekah will not run through the sprinkler (only around it or up to touch it, see I told you...pansy) she had a lot of fun!

We even dumped water on her head, teehee. Don't worry, I asked her if we could. See, i'm not horribly mean!

And a few last cute ones of Madelyn after she stopped pouting in daddy's arms...
(Yes, I put down the camera and loved on her too, no worries!)