Mar 6, 2009

Hi everyone, it's me, Slacker..

Another month (practically) has passed me by without a post. I promise nothing exciting or life altering has been happening, which is why I don't really post that often. And I've been slacking something HORRIBLE in the picture department, which shames me, and I know you want to see pictures. I'm working on it. I'm slowly coming out of my hibernation and hope to be back to normal very soon! Be patient with me please.

Mommy got a bit of a vacation at the end of February. Me and a couple close friends went to meet up with a mutual friend in Wichita, Kansas. I spent the weekend there, then since I had to fly through Denver, I stopped to visit my best friend Scarlett for a few days there. It was a relaxing week, but I missed my babies something serious. I've never been away from them for that long. But they were home having MUCH needed daddy time, which they loved and he loved even more! He's such a great hubby for letting me get away. I needed it!! He rocks, I love him and..i think i'll keep him for a bit longer. :)

My mom is coming to visit this weekend-YAY! I'm excited about that.

And Russel is going on yet another training adventure, back to the ATL this time. And for TWO WEEKS! ((pulls hair)) I aint gonna lie, it stinks!! Lots of exclamation!!!!!

We went to the coast this past weekend, my friend Scarlett and her hubster flew home with me to spend the weekend. Their first time visiting the coast. It was fun, actually not too freezing, but still jacket material. pretty tho! Here are some updated pics. Enjoy! And i'll post again soon. heehee. Maybe...

Lochness monster??

My little cheeseball posing on some HUGE driftwood

Don't you just LOVE their getups?? haha and Maddie's face, lordie

Daddy and his mini me, haha

And of course I didn't make it into any of the pictures, don't read this blog to see me, now do you?? Maybe next time.