Mar 14, 2009

April showers bring May flowers...

Or in Oregon's case, October-February showers bring March flowers, then it continues to rain until May or June. That's why I was so thrilled to see these! I snapped this picture in our front yard yesterday, those little buggers came out of nowhere, but I sure am happy to see them!

Spring time here we come!!!! : )

If i haven't already told you (i.e complained enough), it's been raining in Oregon for MONTHS now. I do not exaggerate folks. We have seen so much rain I'm literally starting to believe that sunshine doesn't exist! Just this month alone we've seen 3 measley days of sunshine, and the forecast doesn't call for another single day of it this month! (Check if you don't believe me) Grateful as I am for those 3 days though, seriously...3 days!??! Ugggh. So if I seem negative and humdrum it's because I AM. I'm trying really hard to not let it affect me, but unfortunately it has.

It's hard to feel upbeat and inspired in circumstances such as these. Honestly I find it hard to get out of bed at times. The girls are also starting to feel the effects of being trapped indoors. In short, the Beaty women are CRABBY and CRANKY! There's only so much you can do to occupy a child indoors on a day to day basis as it is. And unfortunately my mood isn't the perfect breeding ground for my imagination. It's also starting to get difficult to occupy Mommy, even though my house could use it badly, you can only do so much cleaning.

I hope to be out of my funk soon. I am ready to pick up my camera and start shooting again. I miss it. Until then I will live vicariously through other photographers blogs and hope that lifts my spirits some. Until then I'll leave you with a few pictures of the girls this past week on one of the sunny (freezing) days!

The light was wierd in this one so their faces are kinda shadowy, but there's my bebe's, and of course rockin their all time favorite froggy boots!

This picture makes me laugh so hard! This is what Maddie thinks about winter time :)
(of course she didn't do that on purpose, what kind of mother do you think i am!?)

We even made it to the park one day. What might have been the shortest park visit ever, 7 minutes tops. So we hurried over to the carousel for a couple rides, thank God they have that as back up! We enjoyed Nana's visit, sorry it wasn't better weather though. We know she'll be back soon anyways!