Dec 27, 2008

Merry Christmas

It's over...phew! And I hate saying that, I used to loooove Christmas time. And it's not that I don't still love it, because I do! I don't know, it's just more stressful now. And it's always been different ever since my dad died. We even already took our tree down. CHRISTMAS NIGHT! Can you believe that? What scrooges. lol. The tree just seemed more of a pain in the butt then anything else, pine needles anywhere, ornaments getting broken. Just one more thing to have to keep up with, and I feel like I have enough on my plate already. So down it came.

I just remember Christmas always being so "magical". I can remember the excitement, giggling in bed listening for Santa, and swearing I heard bells outside. Not being able to sleep because we just couldn't wait until morning! I miss that feeling. And I want that so badly for my girls. I know it will come in time, as they get older. They are still just learning what Christmas is all about. And this year was harder for us, well for me, being away from my family. I miss them all so much. And Christmas has always been such a family thing for us. But the girls had a blast. Maddie's still too young to really care or know the difference, but Bekah was excited and wanted to know if Santa was coming again the following morning. God I miss being a kid.

Here are a few pictures I snapped in the maddness of the day. I hope your families had a blessed and Merry Christmas as well. = )

And the picture we got of the girls in front of the tree this year....HAHA

That just about sums it up!