Jan 18, 2009

Ordinary life

SORRY!!! My mom yelled at me for not updating my blog, so...here I am. It comes to show you're never too old to get scolded by your mother. (Ok, ok. So I've always been a bit on the sarcastic and dramatic side. She didn't yell or scold, she just *reminded* me that I should update).

I haven't done much blogging lately, obviously, because quite frankly there is nothing to blog about. Life in the Beaty household is nothing short of ordinary. My days could be planned out MONTHS in advance, that's how predictable of a life that we lead. My days consist of the same mundane tasks that occur at the same exact time, every single day of every...single...week. See, aren't you bored just reading about it?? But I guess there's something to be said of being ordinary. God keeps blessing me day in and day out with these "boring" days. Days that consist of health and happiness, laughter and precious time together. Russel has an awesome job, and you gotta give props to God for that, especially in these economic times. I have two beautiful little girls who keep me on my toes, but ironically enough I wouldn't have it any other way. We are happy, healthy, secure and alive...I guess i'll take having an "ordinary life" any day!

Speaking of Russel's job, he's gone for another week for mooorrre training in sunny California. These weeks he's gone for training are always so hard for me and, in short, I HATE THEM! But, I have to keep reminding myself that it could be worse, this too shall pass, and one day soon I will be glad that we sacrificed. BLAH!

The girls are doing great. Rebekah is your typical 3 year old. I'm sure my mother gets much pleasure out of the day to day torture that this child puts me through. Payback's a biotch, and I guess this is my payback! But aside from the sass and selective hearing that she possesses she's pretty cool. She's so smart and so sweet and I'm one lucky mama! She amazes me how smart she is, shes so ready for pre-school. We are going to try to enroll her soon. She knows her ABC'S, 123's, she is learning how to spell her name, she knows her shapes and we are working on her colors. She loves to read, she loves to draw and color and she loves anything princess and baby's. Madelyn is almost 15 months old, I can't believe it! She's walking now, working up to a run and trying real hard to climb. Lord help me! She loves her big sister and taking her toys! LOL. I guess it starts at an early age, boy am I in for it! She's talking a little bit, but more than anything she rambles in a language that mostly resembles chinese/russian.

I will leave you with that and hopefully something exciting will happen soon. The weather has warmed up a bit, and thankfully it hasn't been raining lately. I'm sure it will be back though. ((sighs)) This winter has left me in a bit of a funk, the girls too I think. We cannot wait for spring!! We are missing the warmth and sunshine something serious! I haven't even been taking as many pictures which shocks me more than it probably shocks you. I will try to get some of the girls soon so I can share. And..until next blog!!