Mar 9, 2011


Man, it's been awhile since my last post! SORRY! Things have been very uneventful around here and I've been in my normal end of winter funk, which is why I haven't blogged. We've done a LOT of sitting in the house, wishing it would stop raining and get warm enough to play outside. We go to school, we go to church and we have an occasional play date, the end. Life is very routine and like I said...uneventful. But I'm learning to find the joy and the blessings in the every day "mundane" routine events of our days. It's a work in a progress..

The days are starting to be longer and the flowers are starting to peek up from the ground. I saw a cherry blossom blooming yesterday and I got uber excited. I've yet to have a pretty enough to day to get out and explore with my camera, I hope to do that very soon. Until then I will try to play catch up on the happenings since I've been gone.

Bekah is doing really well in school. She loves it and she's reading! Its still so crazy to me that my "baby" can read, and she tries to read EVERYTHING, believe you me. So needless to say, we see a lot of this these days.

Maddie is growing really fast too. She's losing her baby-ness and turning into a kid. I can't believe she'll be 4 this year! She's really smart, she can identify most of her abc's by sight, and numbers too. And the girl LOVES to color. She started drawing people, and I love it!

We had a snow day in February! Just a light layer, but enough to get the girls excited. We (they) got on all their gear and went out to play (after they ran out in their princess dresses first, of course). We had every intention of taking them to the mountains this year to really play in the snow, but that never happened and this is the best they got. We made home made shaved ice with koolaid and snow, they were pretty excited about that too!

Russel's chugging away at school. Spring break is upon us so he's pretty happy to get a little break. Between work, commuting to Portland 5 days a week, two college classes, church and then we can't forget guard, he stays so busy and he's ready to just relax for a couple weeks.

And...that's about it. I told you, not much to talk about at all. Here's a few more recent (random) pictures to hold you over. And you know I'm in a funk when I barely take pictures. Ugh. Come on spring!!!!

We had a cold come through our house, here's Bekah sick on the couch enjoying her popsicle and cartoons. :)

Sweet sisters that very obviously love eachother although they fight...constantly..

My Maddie and her silly, scrunchy face smile that I love so much!

The girls got bunk beds-woo hoo!

Emily does a LOT of this! Lazy

Bekah rockin' out my old sweater when I was about her age

And the beautiful view we've been blessed with, right outside our back door

I plan to sign the girls up for swimming lessons this month, so stay tuned for that post! They have no idea so they will be so excited.