Aug 25, 2010


Raising children is hard work...can i get an AMEN?!
And it's a miracle my children have survived. HAHA.

I kid..

I think I've done a pretty decent job at this parenting thing, even though I was thrown into it fully unaware of what I was getting myself into. Hehem. But I guess, aren't we all?

As a mom, and as a parent, being the perfectly flawed individual that I am, sometimes I find it an incredibly daunting task to make sure these little gifts from God turn out the way he would want them to. Please don't take that the wrong way, i LOVE my children, but it's a huge responsibility we've been given!

Thankfully the Lord has seen fit to bless me with two really well behaved children.

Notice I didn't say perfect children, just well behaved. And not all the time mind you, but for the most part, and most importantly when it matters. I like to think that's because I was not blessed with patience, sorry, that's the honest to God truth! Therefore ill behaved children+a mommy with zero patience=recipe for disaster! LOL.

But like I said, even my well behaved children occasionally still behave "badly". I have to remind myself they are as well flawed and not as perfect as they come out seeming and looking. And I am always looking for ways to teach them and positively correct their behavior. Enter in this AWESOME idea I came across today, while reading one of my favorite blogs. A behavior chart!

Uh duhhh Kristen, why didn't you think of this yourself? Some of the simplest ideas just never come to me! I AM blonde, I have my moments. :) And please ignore my drawing skills. Yes, that's a mouth. Yes, that's an ear. And YES, that's a hand with a really awkward thumb. Don't judge.

The purpose of this chart is to reward my children for their good behavior. Showing love to your sister (sharing/playing nicely), nice words, listening/obeying mommy and daddy and using your hands for good. Each of the girls will get a sticker every time they do one of the above things, rewarding them for that behavior. 10 stickers on any one behavior gets you a surprise. What that surprise will be I have not yet decided. I am really excited to start this with them! I'll let u know how it goes. I also have another idea that I plan to implement for chores and saving/tithing their money, and when I put that into practice I will let u know what that is!