Aug 24, 2010

A First

Somebody lost her first tooth! And if you can't tell by the picture below she's just a tad bit excited about it. She's been waiting for it to fall out and it finally did tonight while she was on the webcam with my mom. It was so funny. She was in the middle of saying "See, it doesn't fall out when i do this.." and out it popped! And she was even so excited that she wanted to go to bed tonight, 20 minutes early at that.

So the tooth fairy will be paying her first ever visit to the Beaty household tonight, woo hoo!

Maddie is also now anxious to lose her first tooth just like big sister. She's been walking around wiggling her teeth, because she sees Bekah doing it and tonight right after Bekah's fell out she said "Take mine out too mommy!" So precious. My babies are growing up. *tear