Dec 16, 2009

Potty training update!

Yup...still at it, for those of you who care :) And I'm not that far gone, I do realize the most exciting news of my days are usually this little girl's successes, and many child related happenings. But for those of you with actual lives...well, I know it's probably rather pathetic for you to have to read this. SORRY!

Anyways, we are on day 9 (i think) of actively potty training. The days are starting to run together. And where I'm very ready for this part of our journey to be over, I'm not yet tired of seeing little baby nakie buns running around the house ;) She's doing a GREAT job! She has been completely accident free for 3 days now. Before that she was averaging one accident a day, and usually by the end of the day. Where before I was having to ask her every 10/15 minutes if she had to potty, she now tells me before she has to go so that's a big step! I still ask her if she has to go, but just not as much. And more out of paranoia since I don't want her peeing on my couch (again!) LOL.