Dec 29, 2009

Jack Frost nipping at your nose and SNOW!

I went out this morning to snap a few pictures of the pretty frost. I haven't been taking pictures in awhile, other than the random snap shot here and there, and it felt good to be a little artistic. I love how beautiful nature is, if you take the time to really look at it instead of taking it for granted.

And this afternoon during nap time it started to snow! First snow of the year. I let Bekah go out for a few minutes since she wasn't napping, as per usual. *sigh I managed to snap a few pictures. She LOVES the snow, she was so excited!

It stopped snowing for a bit, then started up again just in time for Maddie to wake up and see it. Of course she wanted to go out so we got her bundled and sent her out. She kept saying it tickled! So cute.


Lisa Molter said...

LOVE LOVE this...your pictures are amazing like always