Dec 28, 2009

I thought I still had a couple more years

"It's not *fay-ah" *fair
"I don't wike ooh"
"You not *fend" *friend
"Go way" (pointing finger)

These are only a few of Madelyn's newly learned phrases.
Thanks Rebekah...
She's talking good, that's for sure. She's putting together phrases and sentences left and right. She cracked me up the other day, when we went to see The Princess and The Frog (cute movie btw) when during a scene in the movie, i don't know which one, but it was totally appropriate, she yelled "Oh snap!" heeheehee

But on a more positive note, she's in deed potty trained!! So it's all not pickles. She wears panties during the day, unless we go out, im not that brave yet. But she stays dry and tells us when she has to go. Even when we are at a place like the movies, which I learned twice, when she waited until the very end to proclaim she had to go, so i missed the ending of one movie and most of another. Sigh. But I can't complain. It's a good thing! We are working on potty training over nap. She refused to wear a pull up yesterday, ripped it off of herself and yelled to me to come get it right after I put her down, and...she stayed day. So we'll see. I'm so proud of my big girl! But what a waste of a pull up, those things aint' cheap!

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas. We sure did! Santa did a bangin job this year, Rebekah LOVES her dollhouse. She stays closed in her room for hours on end playing with that thing. Thank you Jesus! :) Maddie's not really a player of toys. She would rather watch tv. Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure to be exact. It's turning into what was for Rebekah, The Little Mermaid. She calls it "Tink-bell wost Twesoooure" I know you love my impersonation of her cute little voice. Just hush. I want to remember these things. They also love their leotards from Nana aka Nonnie. Bekah lives in hers. She will one day be a famous ballerina. And on a totally unrelated but somewhat related note, I'm happy to say, even if it makes me sound like a Grinch, that my tree is finally down. Thank the lord! I can't deal with the mess. Real christmas trees are for the birds. Maybe next year we'll go back to artificial.