Sep 12, 2009

Fun with Family and Friends

The trip is going great so far! We are having a blast visiting family and friends. I've managed to stay quite busy which is way different than my normal routine in Oregon where I sit at home all day just me and the girls. I'm pooped! I stretched myself so thin this trip between visiting everyone I want to visit and working. It's stressful, butttt...I've only got a month and I don't know when the next time I'll be home is so it's necessary. I've had 3 photography sessions so far and I have 8 more just the week we get back from the beach. It's exciting! I didn't really expect I'd get so much interest in my photography but what can I say, my friends and family ROCK for letting me get my practice in on them.

We are heading out for Destin this morning to visit my best friend and THE BEACH! Yay! Speaking of which I should be doing something productive to prepare, but..the laundry is washing and I'm almost packed except for what's in the washer/dryer so there isn't really anything to do! (That's what I tell myself) So blogging and facebook it is : )

OH...and we had a little "drama" with Rebekah this past week. I'll blog about that too when we get home! (And i'll add pictures) TTFN!