May 10, 2009

Me and my babies

Look, i do exist! lol
I decided to step out from behind the camera for two seconds.

I HATE getting my pictures taken, but I decided to get in a picture with each of them because it is my day after all and I realized I don't take near enough pictures with my little munchkins as i should. Maddie is way to excited about the picture, lol and check out her little pigtails. ((snickers)) And of course I tried for the group picture but as you can tell, from the picture below, getting them to sit still on my lap is not an easy feat. I am laughing in the pic, Bekah is doing who knows what with her hand and Maddie is flashing the world and giving a cheesy grin, but at least we are all looking and ..I'm in a picture, right? You gotta get what you can get!

I am enjoying my Mother's Day with my babies. I am one lucky mama!
Happy Mother's Day to all you amazing mom's out there!