Apr 6, 2009

Thank God for friends and beautiful weather..

My best friend Andrea is visiting from Georgia this week while her and her kids are on Spring Break. Just her, no kids, well..aside from mine. I'm enjoying the visit, we have just been lazy (or i have). She keeps cleaning my house for me and cooking! I swear I keep telling her not to but she's not listening, so...hey, clean away! ;)

And Oregon LOVES me this week. We have seen the most beautiful weather we've experienced since last summer. We've went to the park, visited the waterfalls and even layed out on the back deck to soak it all in. It's been great. Russel's even going to try and take tomorrow off so maybe we can do something else before she goes home on Wednesday :(

Here are some pics from the weekend and I'm sure i'll blog again soon! xoxo

Beautiful Cherry Blossom trees at the park...growing to be my favorite tree!

Me and Andrea on the bridge over the Willamette River (nice sun spot on my head) and..the bridge itself

And now for the only pictures you really care to see on this blog :) Here's Bekah posing at Silver Falls after we visited the waterfalls, her favorite attraction. She was so excited to show Andrea. And isn't she such a ham?!?! I LOVE it!

And Maddie..constrained most of the time then set free!