Apr 29, 2009

Oh where oh where did my sunshine go...

Oregon is a big, fat, LIAR! Yes, I am 10 as a matter of fact, and I have resulted to name calling. In the words of Rebekah with arms folded over chest "(hmph) I don't care!"

The sun came out for a whole entire week and it was glorious. But, ever since, yup, you guessed it, it's been raining or cold and gloomy. Hoorah! ((rolls eyes)) And the weather man had the nerve to say yesterday that Oregon hasn't seen enough rain this year. WHA...Come again weather man? Not enough rain?! Could've fooled me! He better be glad he was in the television...But all I can say is "WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! It's just not fair!" If everyone else can have pretty sunshine why can't we? ((pouts))

You kinda lose interest and creativity oh after about 6 months of trying to find things to occupy yourself and 2 small children indoors. They are literally banging at the back door wanting to go out and play and I don't blame them. I am so tired of internet and tv that I could scream! One can only do so much cleaning before she goes insane. And I am so beyond tired of looking at toys that I have threatened more than once (today) to take them all outside, throw them in the street, and run them over with the car! Lil' bit moody Kristen? HA! I'd say so.

I tried to calm myself some w/ photography. I found two more lovelies in my yard to photograph. WOO HOO!

Nothing really new with the girls, they are doing great. Rebekah is your typical almost 4 year old. She thinks she rules the roost! She's sassy and argumentative, future lawyer perhaps? She's giving me a run for my money. But aside from all of that she's still a sweet little girl, so full of personality and life and I love her so much my heart overflows. Here she is this morning with her daddy's flashlight. That entertained her for about 10 minutes...

And Madelyn, well, she's following in her big sisters footsteps of course! I can't believe next month she'll be a year and a half! She's picked up so many of Bekah's mannerism's and attitude here lately, I can't believe it. We're seeing her personality come out more and more everyday. She's a pretty cool little chick. Just like big sister she oozes personality, she's funny and silly and oh so adventurous. Where Bekah is more reserved and timid, Madelyn is not. But she's such a sweetheart, definately more of a mama's girl these days. Sorry Daddy! And she loves the playground, she pitches a horrid fit when we tell her it's time to go!

Yeah, i know, she needs her ears pierced. I am horrible! I didn't mean to put it off for this long and now it's going to have to be torture, but they will get pierced, SOON hopefully. And YAY! her hair is finally coming in. Phew! I'm tired of people thinking she's a boy!

And I guess, for now, that's all I have to blog about? Unless of course you want to hear me complain about the weather a little more? HAHA. just kidding. LATERS!