Mar 29, 2009

Is that a zebra in Oregon?

I'm trying to make sure I update with pictures on a more steady basis. I know that's all you really check this thing for anyways, right? We went to church this morning so for once we were all "prettied" up instead of lounging in our pj's, ANDDDD it wasn't raining (can i get an AMEN!) soooo I got Rebekah in the backyard for a few photos since it was her turn. Yes, I have to do it in turns. I'm not skilled enough to take both my kids pics at the same time, let alone on the same day! I'm workin on it, give me a break! But here she is as beautiful as can be and rockin' the zebra print. At least one of us is in style ((sighs)) One day folks, one day...

Anyways, here she is strikin a pose for ya! Enjoy :D

and with her Daddy...awwww. I just LOVE them. Can you get over how big she's getting??? :(