Dec 17, 2008

...still snowing...

Yes, it's still snowing. Well, it took a couple day break, but the snow did not melt, it stayed on the ground and the roads turned to ice skating rinks. HA! Well hopefully not that bad, I guess everyone broke out the salt and the chains (which we totally obviously need on our cars) so they could get around. Funny story..the other day I was shooting a small shot gun wedding for a girl I had met a few weeks ago's brother in law..anyways. I had to get out in the ice and snow, bleck. By the time I got home it had gotten worse and I go to pull in our driveway, which is on an incline, and I got nothing but a lot of spinning tires. It wasn't happening. I tried to park the jeep as far up in the driveway as i could get it, but when I put the car in park and put the emergency break on it started sliding backwards down the driveway, into the road. ((shocked face)) After a little bit of car shuffle Russel eventually got the jeep into the garage and pulled his car back into the driveway. About 30 minutes later I was looking out the kitchen window and I said " your car supposed to be sitting in the middle of the road! HAHA! oops. Thank God no one was driving down the street. Maybe not such a funny story after all, it was funny to us though!

It started snowing again today, and it's calling for snow every single day until (and including) Christmas. Looks like we might have our first "white Christmas" EVER!! That's exciting. The news, which I don't really watch, but by passed quickly while looking for Rebekah's cartoons, are calling it an Arctic Blast. Apparently it doesn't snow like this in Oregon, ever. And Salem is getting the worst of it. I just don't want to be stuck in my house until Christmas because i haven't gotten any shopping done yet and..we need groceries. EEEEK! Russel is stopping for a few things on his way home from work tonight, but man oh man. I guess we're gonna be building a lot of snow "women" for the next week or so. haha. Is it summer time yet????