Nov 23, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

I can't believe it's only fall, Thanksgiving is still two days away and yet last night it started snowing! The girls woke up to white everywhere and they were so excited! Not a lot of snow, maybe an inch or so, but enough for them to enjoy themselves for a little bit. So snow was eaten, giggles were had, angels were made, pictures were taken, then a fire and hot chocolate with marshmallows was enjoyed. I love making memories with my girls. It warms my heart.

They were outside before the sun was even completely up!

Then the sun finally came out, and they went out for a second time!
Thank you Nana for the nice cozy jackets :)

I hope we get lots more snow this year although Russel would probably argue the opposite, since he does have to commute an hour to work, one way and doesn't exactly get to stay and play in it with us. :(

As for Thanksgiving, this year we are celebrating with some good friends from church and I'm really excited. Lots of food + friends = heaven! Turkey, get in my belly!
THEN we'll think about decorating for Christmas, one holiday at a time people, one holiday at a time.