Oct 22, 2010

Roloff Farms

It's been a busy couple months and i haven't really sat down to blog. So for anyone who has been anxiously awaiting my posts (yeah right-haha) I'm terribly sorry.

Bekah is LOVING school. And she's doing great. She's learning sign language and over the past week or so she's started reading. Not actual books yet, but words and signs. And we'll sit and write out words and short sentences for her on the doodle pro and she is reading that. So it'll be no time before she's reading a book! I can't believe it. I'm such a proud mom.

Maddie is just..Maddie. She's giving me a run for my money lately, I'll just leave it at that. : ) But I love her! She's getting so big, it's crazy. She's turning 3 in just a couple weeks. Where did the time go?!

Russel celebrated his 30th birthday last weekend. I threw a surprise party for him with all our friends from church and small group. We had a good time! I suck and didn't snap any pictures! (sigh) Don't get angry, I didn't have a lot of time between him leaving and everyone coming in and getting in place and decorating real quick!
But other than that we've just been enjoying what's left of the sunshine, because the gloom and doom is just around the corner, I can feel it creeping in. :(

I love the fall time here, the weather feels great and everything is so beautiful. We've taken a couple trips to the pumpkin patch over the last week, that's my favorite fall thing to do. The girls always have such a blast. First we went to Roloff Farms. If you watch TLC's Little People Big World you will know what that is. And I saw Mrs. Roloff herself! It was a nice farm, but verrrry busy, as you could imagine, and for the hour drive there and back, wasn't quite worth it in my book. We didn't buy pumpkins there, the lines were so long but I snapped some photos, the girls rode a pony, fed some goats, and we walked through some pumpkin house like 6 times, Maddie loved it. She kept asking to go in the scary house again!

Mama Roloff!

Maddie's first pony ride!

I even managed to get in a couple pictures again. I'm working on it..