Apr 25, 2010

Plant killer!!

See my new babies? Aren't they cute?

I got them at the Ag Fest yesterday, and i'm on a mission to help them grow! I hope I don't kill them. :( You see, I don't have a very green thumb, unfortunately. I can keep kids alive and even a cat, but plants...no such luck! That's too difficult for me, for some reason. Yipes!

I've always wanted a garden. Well, not always, but...for awhile now. And not so much that I actually did anything about it, but it was a good thought to have. What supermom would be complete without her own garden to tend? And I really do like the thought of growing some of your own produce, save on the old grocery bill and all. But that's as far as I ever got with the notion. Then we went to the Ag fest and the kids could plant things and it was free so why the heck not! All I really gotta do is transplant them and feed them and pray that they survive. Lol. Is that all?!

So here goes nothing, I'll keep you guys posted. I KNOW you're on the edge of your seat with this one. Hah! Oh and we also came home with these:

Marigolds! My babies planted those too. Awwwww...
The lady said they are easy to care for, they don't need a huge pot and you just give em sunshine and water and they won't get too big, so we'll see. And I am also adopting some baby peas from my friend this weekend as well. She pawned them off on me, she had too many and I thought I needed them for some reason. I don't even eat peas! BLECK! But Russel does and the girls eat them out of a can, so heck, why not!? While I'm killing things and all. :)

Wish me Luck!


My Life on the Dole said...

Try putting your marigolds near your tomatoes. They smell so they help keep bugs/deer away from the tomatoes.

You can try some MiracleGro too. It really works. Of course, I always forget to put it on & then get nothing. The best plans of mine can go awry.

Herbs are easy too. I like growing basil, rosemary, oregano, parsley & sage. They are great to cook with!