Jan 5, 2010

Taking a break

Do you ever feel like you just need a break?
That you want to just step back, into the shadows, and disappear. Hide out for awhile from everyone and everything? I do. Well, most everyone and everything that is. I don't think my kids would let me hide for very long, trust me, I've tried : ) Or Russel for that matter, this house would probably get awfully messy, even though he'll argue the exact opposite. (rolls eyes)

But that's how I've been feeling lately.
I don't know, I guess life has just gotten to me, and I feel extremely beaten down by it and just...tired. No, exhausted is a much better adjective. Exhausted is an adjective, right? It probably isn't and I'm a complete idiot. It's a verb, isn't it? Ugh. Maybe i'll google it later. Ha!

Either way it's hard for me to put into words. But don't worry, I'm not 'depressed' and I don't need to be rushed to the nearest psych ward for testing. My kids haven't driven me completely cuckoo and Russel and I are just fine and trucking right along. I just need a break from other things. Maybe it's the holidays getting me down, or maybe I've just had enough. Whatever it is, I know for certain that I need to take some time for me. Something I've been putting off, oh...my whole life. So I'm taking a step back for a little while. To think. To clear my head. To re-evaluate some things. To seek God. To enjoy my family. And to find myself.

I'm sorry for such a serious blog, but I wanted to explain my absence if I'm not 'around' as much. And I hope to be back real soon!