Jul 14, 2008

Potty Training and turning 3

I can't believe my baby is already 3. They grow so fast. She's such a big girl now, and she makes me so proud. She had a really good birthday, and even though we are thousands of miles from home our family got to share that with her via web cam. What would we ever do without technology? She got so many good gifts, a movie, a Care Bear, a princess tea set, table and chairs and a BIKE to name a few. She loved them all. She hasn't been out on the bike yet, but we will be taking her to the park to teach her soon. And mommy even got a present on her birthday. A POTTY TRAINED 3 year old!!! The battle with diapers is over. Well, for child #1 that is. It's been a long process, but I can now say that Rebekah is officially potty trained. She's been trained during the day, just not at night. But on her birthday we took her out of pull ups and she hasn't had one single accident. GO REBEKAH! Makes mommy so proud. I just wanted to update you guys with that little tidbit, and now onto Madelyn. I can't believe she's already 8 months old, soon we will be celebrating her 1st birthday. Yikes! On that note, you think you can train an 8 month old?????? : )